How To Add Adsense In-feed Ad To Blogger Old Themes On Mobile

If you have learned how to add Adsense in-feed ads to the blogger old themes and it’s not displaying on mobile view, that means you could lose some few bucks. Well, it is possible to add the in-feed ad to the mobile blogger old theme.

The following simple steps will show you how to allow in-feed ads display on blogger old theme mobile view.  The trick behind this tweak is to copy few codes of the inline ads and place in the mobile HTML codes.
==> Go to your template 'Edit HTML'. Search for this line of codes <div class='mobile-index-comment'>.

==> Paste these codes below just after the second </div> you will see.

    <b:if cond='data:post.includeAd'>
          <div class='inline-ad'>
              <div style='text-align:center; margin:15px 0px;'>
==> Replace the words IN-FEED with your in-feed ad code.

==> Save Theme

That's all

Note: You can also add any ad network codes or affiliate code with this little tweak.

I hope it works.

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  1. Great share bro,
    After implementing this, you mean the adsense in feed will show between blog posts on old blogger themes, right?


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