Top Domain Name Registrars In The World

Are you into domain investing or you need a domain for your business website or personal blog? Whatever your need is, choosing a good domain name registrar will be what you should think of for that domain name you have in mind.

Popular domain name registrars

There are many domain name registrars in the world and many of them provide other services like web hosting, website building, and reseller program. There are web hosting companies that allow you register your domain name with them if you buy a hosting plan. Most times, they have been classified as domain name registrars but nonetheless, they are well known for their hosting services.

The companies known for domain name registrations are those that own a larger portion of the domain market. They have millions of registered domain names in their database. They specialized more on domain names even if they provide other services like the web hosting companies do.

Here are the world top domain name registrars who have been in business for a long time and are currently controlling the domain market. These domain names registrars are ICANN accredited.
This list is was compiled based on their popularity, online reviews, and other domain services they offer. In subsequent posts, I will be talking about what you need to know about these listed domain name registrars and those not on this list.

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