Top Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria

Are you are starting a new blog or website, or you are not satisfied with your current web host and you want to move to another one? Most webmasters have faced the situation where their site often go offline as a result of server downtime from their web hosting company.

No matter what, server downtime is bent to happen once in a blue moon. But when it becomes regular, what do you do? It is time to say goodbye to your present host and search for a more reliable one.

It has been advised that you choose a hosting company in your country and as such, Nigeria webmasters will definitely want to know which web hosting company is better. There are many web hosting companies in Nigeria that provide various services such as web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting and also domain name registration.

If you want to host your blog or website with any Nigeria web hosting company, then you may consider the list below.

This list doesn't mean I am endorsing any of them. You should visit their websites, compare their products and services. You are also free to go online to read reviews about them. At the time of publishing this post, they are the best top web hosting companies in Nigeria. If you know of any other ones, you can tell us by leaving your comment below.


  1. Great post Mazino, Domainking rocks for me. I havent heard about some of them you put there though.

  2. Using a Nigeria hosting company hass lots of advantages but then there is this disheartening rumours being almost everywhere about how disappointing they can be.

    I only use domain with some of these companies and i can say they're good enough. And Am pretty sure their hosting company won't disappoint

  3. Using smart web nigeria has been one of the best decisions i made

  4. To me being the best is all about uptime and optimization. I used domainking but the load time was not good enough.
    I tried garrantor it faild me experiencing much downtime. I finally went for ng.hub8.com and for the past 6months now I can testify that this host is the best. Their servers are top notch.


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