Where To Register Free Domain Name

A free domain name will cost you zero buck to register. The domain name registrar hosts your domain name for free. Who doesn’t love free things when they come without any hidden charges? Have you ever wonder why a domain name registrar offers the public free domain name registration?

When it comes to free domain names, there are few things you need to realize. Just imagine you wanted to move your free domain out of your current host but you are not permitted to do so? Yes, that is what some free domain name registrars do. You can only remain with them and can’t move out.

There are other companies that offer free domain name registration but they provide web hosting services which you must buy in order to get a free domain. For example, when you buy a hosting plan from Bluehost, you get a free domain name. If you are no more interested in hosting your domain name with Bluehost, you can transfer it out to another domain name registrar. I am not a fan of free domain names. It better to pay for your domain name and be in full control.

Many of the registrars offering free domains names give you second levels domain. One of such is dot tk (yoursite.tk). There is a lot of downside in using such domains. Such domains names don’t usually get good search engine ranking. They are not brandable as most advertisers don’t  take them seriously. They as often seen as spam sites.

So before you opt in for free domain name registration, think about what you plan to achieve with it. Think of the future more than the immediate benefits.

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