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GoDaddy is the world's largest domain registrar with over 71 million domain names under their management. Since their inception in 1997, the domain name registrar has continued to release different domain extensions aside the regular .com, .net and .org. The company has over 6000 employees and 17 million customers as of May 2017.


The first domain I bought when I started blogging was a .info from GoDaddy and since then I have bought several domain names from them. The question many will ask is, “Is GoDaddy a good domain name registrar?”.  There are some things you need to consider before choosing a domain name registrar. If you know of these things, then it will be easier for you to decide whether to host your domain name with Godaddy.

The purpose of this post is to review domain name service from GoDaddy. For a first time user, GoDaddy normally offers domain name registration of .com at $0.99. At the time of publishing this post, I can’t say if GoDaddy still gives first-time user the opportunity of registering a .com for $0.99 but I have once bought at that price. At the time of publishing this post, a .com domain at normal price is $11.99.

GoDaddy currently charges $7.99 for privacy protection for a domain per year. The service hides your personal information - name, email, address and phone number in the public Whois directory. GoDaddy also has privacy and business protection at $14.99 for a domain per year.

The registrar has a website builder service called GoCentral that allows you to create a website within an hour. With GoCentral you can create a "coming soon" page if you are not ready to launch your website but you want the domain name to be available when people visit it. This service is free for a month, after that, if you want to continue using it you will be charged.

While registering your domain name you can create a custom email address that matches your domain name. Example mazino[at]mazinoweb[dot]com. This service cost $2.99 per month for the lowest plan.

GoDaddy accepts Debit/Credit cards for payment. After you have successfully registered your domain name, you can decide what you want to do with it. By default, domain is set to auto renewal. You can decide to turn it off or leave it like that. On your domain Cpanel, you can manage the DNS and other settings.

If after some time, you want to transfer your domain from GoDaddy to another registrar, you can do so. GoDaddy doesn’t charge for transferring a domain out. But if you are transferring a domain to Godaddy, you will be charged just like the cost of domain name registration of a specific extension.

One common problem people have complained about GoDaddy is their customer service. You can only get through by phone call. You can imagine when making calls to another country and you are placed on waiting, you will waste a lot of call airtime and sometimes you may not get to speak with any representative. It takes patience to get to speak with a customer representative. Although their customer support is always available 24/7.

Should you buy your domain from Godaddy? Well, it depends on you. They are the most popular of all domain registrars. 

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