Namecheap Transits To Impact Radius As New Affiliate Platform

Namecheap, one of the world leading domain name registrar and web hosting provider has upgraded its affiliate management program to a new platform called Impact Radius. If you are currently on Namecheap affiliate program and want to remain part of it, you must register with Impact Radius.

What Is Impact Radius?

Impact Radius is an award-winning affiliate marketing platform that uses the latest advanced technology that accurately and fully tracks sales. Impact Radius has the most and advanced powerful affiliate management technology on the market.

Namecheap Transits To Impact Radius As New Affiliate Platform

This new platform is truly remarkable. One thing I love about is that you can get paid in your local currency. That is, if you are in Nigeria, you can receive your payment in Naira. Another thing is, there are many affiliate products to promote such as domain name registration, web host, SSL, Whois Guard and others. I think this is one of the best affiliate programs any domain and web hosting company can offer. You can earn 20% commission for domain name registration, 35% commission for hosting and 35% commission for SSL certificates. To start earning using this new affiliate management platform, you will need to replace all former links with the new ones provided by Impact Radius.
Payment methods

Impact Radius has various payment methods that make it easier to be paid. Paypal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer are the options presently available. You can signup for Impact Radius and start earning from Namecheap Affiliate program.
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4 Things That Make Tecno Boom J8 To Stand Out

These days smartphones are present in every aspect of our lives. We use them not only for calls, texts, emails, but also for watching videos, playing games, keeping track of our health, sleep and so much more. So finding the smartphone you will use every day is not an easy task and requires a lot of research. However, often happens, when you find one, that you like, after a detailed review, you still can find a lot of shortcomings, especially if you want to find them.  If you are looking for the best smartphone, you have come to the right place, browse https://jiji.ng/mobile-phones/tecno-boom-j8 for the best selection of devices to choose from. In meantime, let’s focus on positive things and check what cool features the Boom J8 has got to offer.

Wonderful Design

Design is what sells the best. If you are selling a better designed but poorly in terms of specs, you will sell more, than a wonderfully blessed device with the best specs, but poorly designed. The Tecno Boom J8 shows off a super slim design, scoring 76.84 x 153.3 x 7.35mm, and weighing only 155 g. It is a good looking device with a huge screen, round edges and a metal frame running around.

Huge Display

The display is a 5.5-inch full HD IPS panel that delivers a large margin of brightness, balanced color reproduction and wide viewing angles. The screen is large enough for watching your favorite TV show or browse Youtube videos. And 1080p screen resolution with a 441 ppi pixel density will deliver a wonderful, clear, high quality and HD graphics for the best gaming experience.

Massive Battery Unit

The Tecno Boom J8 features a 3000mAh battery unit. Thanks to the fast charging, you will always get your battery enough charge within limited time. Additionally, with its power saving technology, keeps the device powered up for the greater part of the day under heavy usage.

Incredible Audio

From the name to the bundled headphones, the J8 is an Audio Centric device to the point where you can dedicate a whole home screen to just the music player. The audio system incorporates a Waves MaxxAudio that ensures you get some oomph when listening to your favourite tracks. There is a section where you can adjust audio output according to the genre you listening to as well as the type of headset or headphones you are using. Also, instead of one speaker you get two, with that, you have awesome 2-channel stereo setup.
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How To Own A Domain Name For Life

You have chosen that domain name for your business and your website is running. You are aware that domain speculators are waiting for your domain to expire so they can take it. Even if that is not so, you are thinking of owning the domain name for life.

As long you have that perfect domain name fitting for your business, you want to keep it for life. But is it really possible to own a domain name for life? Buying a domain name for life doesn't mean it will be yours till death or will stop been yours after death. You can own a domain name for life but it doesn't mean you make a one-time payment for it. Now let talk about the possibilities of owning a domain name for life.

Buy A Web Hosting Package

There are some web hosting providers that offer a domain for life as long you buy a hosting package from them. Once you sign up for any plan, they give you the option of registering a free domain name that you will use. To retain the domain name, you must continue to renew your web hosting plan. If you cancel your hosting account or allow it to expire, the domain name will be gone. So you must stay with their hosting service to enjoy the free domain name for life.

This option may not be the best for owning a domain name for life. This is because, if the web host is no longer meeting up to your expectations, you can't move to another web host. Although, web host like Bluehost will allow you move your domain name out if you are no longer satisfied with their service.

Domain Auto Renewal Option

Almost all domain name registrars offer auto-renewal service which enables you to renew your domain for a specified period usually on a yearly basis. Once you add your payment method (credit/debit card) and select auto-renewal, you won't be bothered that much about expiry of the domain.

What many have actually done to own a domain name for life is to buy it for 10 years. ICANN allows domain registration for a maximum of 10 years, so anything more than that is not possible. That is the best thing you could do to own a domain name virtually for life. Set auto-renewal for 10 years and make sure your billing details are always up to date. 

Lastly, if you choose to renew a domain name for a long time make sure you choose a good domain name registrar.
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Choosing CRM For Small Business: Tips And Advice

Your small company got its first customer base, so you decided not to waste time and automate the processes that are related to sales or/and customer service. This means that it's time to choose the right CRM. We’ll give some advice on choosing CRM to help you make your small business more efficient.

Choosing The Functionality

Sales Automation

If your small business is built on long sales, then you need to make tasks such as increasing lead conversion, for example, automated. Therefore, CRM has to be able to maintain a detailed contact database, store information about traffic sources, monitor transactions at each point, and predict customer behavior and a possible refuse.

When it comes to long sales, it’s important to observe the manager’s work and monitor the stages that can cause problems. CRM should have a possibility to record telephone conversations, analyze and gather statistics on contacts with the highest conversion, and have a system of reminders for sellers.
If we’re talking about short sales, it’s important to automate the process of repeat sales, upsales, and cross-sales and solve the problems of increasing costumers’ loyalty, working with negative feedback, and forming personalized offers. In this case, CRM should store the history of interaction with each customer and the history of purchases.

Reaching to Customers

First, decide how your customers reach out to you: leave an order on the site or make a phone call. And how you communicate with them: call, write, or use newsletters. Depending on your answers, choose the following CRM features: integration with the site management system, built-in telephony or integration with external services, integration with the email, or mailing automation.

Think about whether you need to work with different customer groups or not. Here’s the functionality of customer segmentation and the possibilities of email marketing in CRM you should pay attention to: personalization, trigger mailings, and individual offers for different groups.

Analytical Reports

You’ll most likely want to track not just the efficiency of your sales, but the efficiency of all managers, the current state of sales, and a lot more specific parameters. When choosing CRM for small business, specify which types of reports it offers.

If you have a non-standard sales cycle, your CRM should be able to customize at least such parameter as customer types. It’s great if you also can upload info from the accounting system and the goods from the price list to the CRM.


If there are constant tasks of communicating with colleagues and sharing documents within the sales department, it’s convenient to do this right in the CRM. To make it possible, be sure that the system provides tools for working with tasks, integration with your corporate social network, chat, and intracorporate document storage.

Determining The Requirements For The Product

First, you need to decide whether you’re ready to use the Open Source solution or prefer a proprietary product. Open Source is not always a synonym for a free product, especially if you need to adjust the product according to your tasks. A simple open source solution can be rewritten as many times as you want. But there’s no guarantee that subsequent updates to the source product won’t affect your system’s performance.

In case of using a commercial product, you receive a standard solution, warranties and vendor’s tech support, as well as a number of certified studios ready to make any improvements to the product.
Correctly chosen CRM is not only easy to implement but is also able to increase the productivity of your work and demonstrates the first results almost immediately.

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Web Hosting In Nigeria With DomainKing.NG

Web Hosting In Nigeria With DomainKing.NG

It can be a very challenging task when it comes to choosing a cheap and reliable web hosting company in Nigeria for your website or blog. There are many web hosting companies in Nigeria offering various hosting services and DomainKing.ng is one of such. So in this post, I will be talking about DomainKing web hosting service.

DomainKing.ng is a global government accredited domain registrar and web hosting provider with high patronage by many Nigeria bloggers. Their web hosting plan is cheap. For as low as N175 per month you can host your Wordpress blog or website. The amazing thing is if you are new to Wordpress, their customer support can help you install it and get your site online.

DomainKing Web Hosting Basic Features

1. You will get a free .com.ng or .com domain depending on the hosting plan you purchase.

2. They have a standard cPanel that is very easy to understand and this makes it very easy to manage your site.

3. For each hosting plan, you can create subdomains and unlimited email accounts from the cPanel.

4. With a single click, you can install all basic CMS Softwares like Wordpress, Joomla, SMF etc with Softaculous one-click installer app.

5. Fantastic customer support that makes them reachable at any time to help you with anything. Other features include Inbuilt file manager, Antispam & Virus protection, faster Websites with CloudFlare, phpMyAdmin access, Secure FTP access etc.

 Some experts have advised that when choosing a host, make sure they are based in your country so that you can easily reach them when anything goes wrong. If you will like to go with DomainKing in hosting your Wordpress blog or website, then you should follow this link. You can use this coupon DKNG40OFF to get 40% discount on all hosting products.
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DomainKing Affiliate Contest is Here! Win Upto N120,000

Hi, bloggers and webmasters, DomainKing affiliate contest 2017 is here. This October, DomainKing is giving away a total sum of N120,000 as cash prize in the affiliate contest.

How Winners Will Emerge

The 1st Price: N50,000 will be awarded to affiliate with maximum sales referred during this Contest period & with the most unique promotion strategies.

The 2nd Price: N25,000 will be awarded to the 2nd highest number of sales during this contest.

The 3rd Price: N15,000 will be awarded to the 3rd highest number of sales during this Contest.

The 4th & 5th price of N10,000 each will be awarded to 2 persons with the 4th and 5th number of highest number of sales during this Contest.

Besides the prizes to be won, you will earn 80% commission on each sale. That is if you refer anyone through your affiliate link and a purchase was made, you will get 80% commission from that sales.

How To Join The Contest

To join the contest, you need to register through the contest form. After that registration, you can start promoting your affiliate link to make sales in order to be a winner in this contest.

The Affiliate Contest runs from 12:00am on Thursday 4, October 2017 to 11:59pm on Friday 30, October 2017. To be a winner in this affiliate contest, you will need to send a minimum of 1 or more Users to buy hosting from 4 Oct 2017 to 30 Oct 2017. Winners will be contacted via email by 10 Nov 2017 and will be announced on DomainKing Facebook page. So what are you waiting for? Register now, start promoting and see you win. For more details read here on Domainking Blog.
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It's Time to Choose Your Domain Name For Your Branding Campaign

If you're a business owner, you surely want to increase the value of your brand. The way to get started on this important operation is to choose a domain name for your website. This is your first exercise in public relations, worldwide communication, and corporate branding. It therefore needs to be a choice that you make only after plenty of time and hard thought. This is one area where you cannot afford to make a mistake. An obsolete or poorly thought out brand name will haunt you throughout your crucial first quarter of operations and may sink you altogether.

What Is the First Step in Choosing a Domain Name For Your Site?

The first thing you need to do is check available domain names to make sure that the one you have in mind isn't already taken by someone else. Once you have determined that your proposed domain name is fully original and unique, it's a good idea to test its strength against others that your competitors are using. Do a quick Google search for other companies in your field in order to learn what kind of names are popular. Pay special attention to the names that top the list of search results because these are the ones that are likely to be the most well accepted.

Make the Maximum Use of SEO Tactics When You Name Your New Domain

The domain name that you choose will be the name that potential customers type into the search bar in order to visit your site. For this reason, you need to know how to make the maximum use of SEO tactics when you name your new domain. Do a quick search for SEO keywords in your chosen field. Try to incorporate at least one of the most popular names. This will act as a shortcut that may help make your new domain name more memorable and more likely to show up near the top of major search engine results. This is the goal that you should always have in mind when you choose a domain name.

Make Sure Your Domain Name Is Easy to Spell and Remember 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name for your company website is to make it easy to spell and remember. Always choose the name that is easy to pronounce and able to be typed quickly. Don't go for some overly fancy and complex play on words. Make your name short and sharp so that it can roll easily and quickly off the tongue of the average customer. This is the key to long-term memorability in the public eye.

Choose the Web Hosting Deal That Will Best Fit Your Personal Needs

The final consideration to keep in mind is that you will need to choose the web hosting package that will best fit the needs of your new business. This involves much more than choosing the domain name of your website. You will need to shop around the world wide web in order to find the precise package that best suits your long-term goals. Affordability and convenience are major assets, as well as the ability to contact your provider at any time of the day or night.
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