Namecheap Transits To Impact Radius As New Affiliate Platform

Namecheap, one of the world leading domain name registrar and web hosting provider has upgraded its affiliate management program to a new platform called Impact Radius. If you are currently on Namecheap affiliate program and want to remain part of it, you must register with Impact Radius.

What Is Impact Radius?

Impact Radius is an award-winning affiliate marketing platform that uses the latest advanced technology that accurately and fully tracks sales. Impact Radius has the most and advanced powerful affiliate management technology on the market.

Namecheap Transits To Impact Radius As New Affiliate Platform

This new platform is truly remarkable. One thing I love about is that you can get paid in your local currency. That is, if you are in Nigeria, you can receive your payment in Naira. Another thing is, there are many affiliate products to promote such as domain name registration, web host, SSL, Whois Guard and others. I think this is one of the best affiliate programs any domain and web hosting company can offer. You can earn 20% commission for domain name registration, 35% commission for hosting and 35% commission for SSL certificates. To start earning using this new affiliate management platform, you will need to replace all former links with the new ones provided by Impact Radius.
Payment methods

Impact Radius has various payment methods that make it easier to be paid. Paypal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer are the options presently available. You can signup for Impact Radius and start earning from Namecheap Affiliate program.

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