How To Change Emporio Theme From Grid To List Style

Emporio theme by default is in grid style which makes it very attractive when viewing from a computer. But for some reasons, you may want your emporio theme to display list style. As you can see I am using the emporio theme but it is not a grid format.

You can also allow your emporio theme appear in list style and it is very simple. Here is how to do so.

Login into blogger.com and navigate to Theme.
Click on Customize.

Change Emporio Theme From Grid To List Style

Click on Advanced.

 Change Emporio Theme From Grid To List Style

Scroll a little down and click Width.

Change Emporio Theme From Grid To List Style

To change the appearance of the theme from grid to list, adjust the Sidebar width and Post width (stream).  Once you get your desired result, save your theme and view on your web browser. The benefit of switching emporio to list style is that you can add adsense in-feed ad or any other ad network to display in between the posts on the homepage without it looking clumsy. 


  1. You're too much Mazino, pls write about how to add adsense in article on the emporio list style.

    1. Adding adsense in-article is the same process as with adding content ad or link ads below the post or middle of post. Just parse your in-article code and follow any of this links for direction.




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