How WhoisGuard Masks Domain Name Owners Details

It is mandatory for domain owners to update their details such as email address, telephone number, and house address to their domain name data. And this data are stored in Whois database. With a simple search using any whois lookup tool, anyone can find details of the owner of the domain name. And this makes your domain name vulnerable to spammers and hijackers.


So what is the way forward to secure that domain name? The best way to secure personal data from spammers or hijackers is to enable WhoisGuard.

What is WhoisGuard?

WhoisGuard is a service that places their information in public whois instead of your own at the time of registering your domain name. They provide an option to redirect email and regular mail to your real address. This means that your personal data will be hidden from whois database, while those of WhoisGuard will be displayed publicly as yours. With this service, your email, phone number, and other details cannot be fetched by spammers or domain thieves.

WhoisGuard is useful if you don't want your details to display publicly. Yet, with WhoisGuard, it doesn't mean you can't receive emails from unknown people. Anyone can still send you an email but through a masked email. That is, if someone should contact WhoisGuard email, it will be forwarded to your hidden email address. But be rest assured that, such email would have been scrutinized for spam and other malicious threat.

How To Obtain WhoisGuard

You cannot obtain it directly from WhoisGuard website. It is an add-on service you can get from any of their partners during the process of domain name registration. Namecheap is a partner and provides it as an add-on service when you register your domain with them. This service may only be free for the first year of domain name registration and must be paid for in following year to continue using it.

Free WhoisGuard with every domain purchase!

If privacy of your domain name is very important to you, then WhoisGuard is a must for you. Do note that your details can be revealed to the outside world if there is a dispute about your domain name. If you are not bothered about your domain name details available to the public, you can ignore obtaining WhoisGuard. 

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