HTTPS Now Available For Custom Domain On Blogger

Ever since Google disclosed that https will be a search ranking factor come 2018 and that webmasters who don't migrate will be punished, many bloggers on blogger (blogspot) platform migrated to https using Cloudflare. Some started having redirect issues and as result of this others resisted migrated.

Well, it is no longer news that https is now available for custom domains on blogger and migrating is very easy and fast. Migration will only take less than a minute and you don't need to worry about redirects and as everything will be in place.

How To Migrate To Https On Blogger With Custom Domain

Log in using draft.blogger.com.

If you have more than one blog on your dashboard, select the blog you want.

Go to Settings

Change HTTPS availability to Yes.
If you can't change HTTPS redirect to Yes, close the page and go through blogger.com. After that, you can change it to Yes.

View your blog on your browser and you will see that your https:// will appear on the URL. You can also check old post URL and see if you redirection is working fine. 


  1. Wow...this is pretty goodnews here. Thanks to Google for remembering blogger

    Am gonna activate mine ASAP.

    Thanks for the update mazino.

  2. Thanks for the share Mazinoweb..

    I've been using the Cloudflare HTTPS before - a CDN website delivery which also helps to make one's site load faster. Am glad Blogger finally decided to introduce the https option


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