How To Set Up Custom Domain On Blogger With NameSilo

NameSilo is one of the world's domain name registrars offering cheap domain names. You can get a .com domain for just $8.89 with no other extra charges. Also, renewal cost is never higher than the cost of registration. If you have bought a domain name from NameSilo and you want to use it on Blogger (Blogspot), here is a tutorial on how to redirect your Blogspot URL to custom URL with NameSilo domain.

If you have already purchased the domain name from NameSilo, then go NameSilo account and proceed to Manage My Domains.

Click on Manage DNS for this domain

Click on A to add the following IPV4 address

Add the IPV4 address in this format below. Leave the HOSTNAME field empty. Click SUBMIT.
Repeat the process for the other IPV4 addresses.

Go to your Blogger Settings to generate the CNAMEs.
Copy those two CNAMEs

Click on CNAME. Add the first CNAME as shown in the screenshot below. Click on SUBMIT.

Add the second CNAME as shown in the screenshot below. Click on SUBMIT.

Check that you added everything just like the screenshot as shown below.

Afte that go back to your blogger settings and Save. It may take up to 15 minutes for the settings to save.

Once that is done, Click on Edit.

Tick the box as shown below and save.

If you follow the steps closely, you should be able to redirect your Blogspot to a custom domain with NameSilo. If you have any difficulties doing so, you can reach me by leaving a comment, contact me via email or any of my social media platforms. 

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