How To Become Flipboard News Publisher

Flipboard is an app and website that allows you curate your content online in form of a magazine. You can call Flipboard a news aggregator where users flip through articles. As a blogger, Flipboard can help increase your traffic if you can utilize it well. Before now, to get your content to Flipboard, you need to flip your article manually using the app, website or Flipboard extension tool on your browser.

You can now start sending your content to the Flipboard automatically by signing up as a news publisher. All you need to do is to submit your RSS feed and leave the rest for Flipboard. Although, there is an approval process, your application will be reviewed.

Here are the steps to apply as Flipboard news publisher

If you don't have a Flipboard account before now, you can create one using the Flipboard app or through the web. You can't apply for news publisher using the app, so you should use a computer to finish this process.

 Login to Flipboard.com > Signup > Publisher Sign-Up.

Choose your username, add your email address and choose password. Then click Continue.

Upload an avatar and add your description. Click on Continue.

Create a Magazine to submit your RSS feed.

Name your new Magazine, add description and tag. Click Create.

Add your RSS feed. Tick the box below and click Add Source.

If you see this next page, then your application is completed. Your RSS submission will be reviewed. It may takes weeks before getting a reply from Flipboard.

If you see still publishing status: pending after days, then it may take a longer time for your submission to be reviewed.

If you see publisher status: processing, there is better chance of getting a reply soon.

The account and images on this post was created solely for this tutorial and is not my main account I am using for Flipboard news publishing. But you can still follow my blog on Flipboard. Remember to share this post with others. 
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How To Remove Your Number From Truecaller

Does Truecaller invade your privacy? If yes, there is little you can do about it. If you have once added your number to Truecaller with certain details, then you can remove your number and clear other details.

The following steps will show you how to remove your number Truecaller and unlist it. Removing your number means your stored details eg Name, Email and Website will be erased.

Click on that three dotted people icon at the upper left

Click on Settings

Click on Privacy

Click on Deactivate

After deactivation, go to the Truecaller unlist page to unlist your number.  Enter your number and click UNLIST PHONE NUMBER.

According to Truecaller, it will take up to 24hours for your number to be completely removed from their directory. You can confirm by asking others to check for you. 
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How WhatsApp Can Be Used For Customer Service

Some years back, WhatsApp was mainly an instant messaging app just for chats. In time, different features were introduced and today, WhatsApp is more than just a chat app. WhatsApp is enhancing the way we communicate online and also affecting business interactions too. Today, some brands are using WhatsApp to boost their business in the aspect of customer service.

Customer service is an integral part of so many businesses and WhatsApp can help business owners to interact with their customers. If you want to achieve success in using WhatsApp for customer service, then follow these tips.

Install WhatsApp Business

The first step is to install WhatsApp Business on your device. WhatsApp for business has features that let your customers or prospects learn more about your business. It has a section in the profile where to add your business location, business category, website URLs, working hours and email. 97% of people that contact a business on WhatsApp check the profile of that account. So with your location, category, working hours, website URLs and email, people will see the authenticity of your brand.

WhatsApp business has a messaging tool that enables you sends Away messages, Greeting message and Quick replies. It also has labels which help you organize customers and chats.

Let People Know Your Business Is On WhatsApp

On your website contact page, social media pages, business cards or online directories, let customers know they can also make enquiries via WhatsApp.

Add Your Business Logo or Profile Picture

There is no one that has ever used WhatsApp and for once didn't check the display picture of another user. This indicates that people do check profile pictures. So if you use your WhatsApp for personal or corporate business, make sure you have a real picture of yourself or your company logo. It removes doubt of genuineness.

Build Relationship By Replying On Time
Leaving new customers unattended to for long hours can have a negative impact. They can go elsewhere to find what they are after except they are old customers who already have a solid business relationship with your brand.

Never Send Unsolicited Messages

Many of us are aware that WhatsApp has great marketing potentials but in using it for customer service, never be tempted to send broadcast messages. If you must do so, let them know that you may occasionally send business updates to them if they so desire.

WhatsApp is truly helpful to business in attending to customers' complaint, suggestions or inquiries. If your business does not have a customer service on WhatsApp, now is the time to create a channel and start reaching out to your customers.
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Designed by Mazino Oyolo Kigho