How To Become Flipboard News Publisher

Flipboard is an app and website that allows you curate your content online in form of a magazine. You can call Flipboard a news aggregator where users flip through articles. As a blogger, Flipboard can help increase your traffic if you can utilize it well. Before now, to get your content to Flipboard, you need to flip your article manually using the app, website or Flipboard extension tool on your browser.

You can now start sending your content to the Flipboard automatically by signing up as a news publisher. All you need to do is to submit your RSS feed and leave the rest for Flipboard. Although, there is an approval process, your application will be reviewed.

Here are the steps to apply as Flipboard news publisher

If you don't have a Flipboard account before now, you can create one using the Flipboard app or through the web. You can't apply for news publisher using the app, so you should use a computer to finish this process.

 Login to Flipboard.com > Signup > Publisher Sign-Up.

Choose your username, add your email address and choose password. Then click Continue.

Upload an avatar and add your description. Click on Continue.

Create a Magazine to submit your RSS feed.

Name your new Magazine, add description and tag. Click Create.

Add your RSS feed. Tick the box below and click Add Source.

If you see this next page, then your application is completed. Your RSS submission will be reviewed. It may takes weeks before getting a reply from Flipboard.

If you see still publishing status: pending after days, then it may take a longer time for your submission to be reviewed.

If you see publisher status: processing, there is better chance of getting a reply soon.

The account and images on this post was created solely for this tutorial and is not my main account I am using for Flipboard news publishing. But you can still follow my blog on Flipboard. Remember to share this post with others. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. I've just signed up now.

  2. Like I told you before that I signed up, i just checked my account now and my RSS feed is still on processing but my articles are live on Flipboard but i've not been getting traffic though. Have you experienced this before?

    You can see my profile here: https://flipboard.com/@lasgidionline

    1. I just checked your profile. Your articles are only visible to you. They are private. You will see a locked button on the magazine you created. This means only you can see it. Until your submission is fully approved, you wont get traffic from Flipboard.

    2. Oh ok, i understand now. Thanks

  3. I myself have been waiting 2.5 months to get approved. Did it take anyone else this long?


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