How To Fix Laptop Plugged In, Battery Not Charging

Many of us at one point must have experienced laptop battery charging problem. That is, you plugged the laptop and it is displaying not charging despite the plugged in indicator showing. There are many reasons why this can happen. One common reason is a change of power source. So before you conclude that your laptop computer has charging problem, you can try the following fix.

I have been using this method for my Hp laptop each time it displays plugged in, not charging. Simply remove the charger from the laptop and restart it. After booting, plug in the charger to the laptop charging port.

If the charger is not faulty, it will display plugged in, charging. And in time, your laptop battery will be full. But if after trying this and the problem still persist, then you should contact your engineer.
I hope this works!
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Designed by Mazino Oyolo Kigho