Flipboard Publisher: After Approval What Next?

There are benefits of becoming a news publisher on Flipboard. In one of my previous post, I wrote on how to become a Flipboard news publisher. If you have tried to apply and you weren't approved, you can retry again. If you were approved, what next?

When you submitted your RSS feed, you created a magazine that was private pending approval. Once your feed has been approved, the first thing is to make the magazine public so that people that easily find your content.

Build Your Presence

Initially, you must have created a magazine for the approval process, but after approval, you need to bring it to life. That is, organize it in a way it appeals to people. Work on the title and description. Create more magazine if you so desire and add relevant content.

Add the Flipboard Share and Follow Button to your website so your visitors can share your content with their Flipboard followers. As you can see below this post, I have added the Flipboard share button among the other social media share icons.

Share your Flipboard profile and magazines on social media so that people know about it and share your articles.

There is so much to Flipboard. There are millions of people searching for news, stories, and articles on the platform. You can get a grab of these surfers.

If you have been approved as a publisher, what has been your experience so far?

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